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ShowIP - Google Chrome Extension

Shows IPv4 & IPv6 addresses of the current webpage without sending requests to an external server.

Requirements: Google Chrome 18 or higher


ShowIP is an open source extension for Google Chrome which shows the IP address of the active web page at the bottom line of the browser. It supports IPv6 addresses too.

In comparison to other extensions, this extension does not need to make an external request to a home server to resolve the IP address. Since Google Chrome 18, the new API module chrome.webRequest allows to intercept browser network responses by using the new event listener onCompleted. This responses have meta-data included, so it can be read directly the resolved IP address in the browser.

The event listener runs in a background process, while each browser tab runs in a content process. On each visited web page an IP resolve request is sent via content script file to the background process by using the Message Passing API, which is a IPC (inter process communication) way to communicate between content and background processes.


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ShowIP - Google Chrome Extension

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